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Ping an's good room isn't a spoiler
source : author : time:2015年5月29日

Ping an's stake in country garden to become the second largest shareholder after two months, both sides launched a "Internet + finance + real estate" products. Dominated by peace in design of the first "raise" to develop the project, to be by the country's first major cities -- Shanghai jiading projects were the first to "try".

In fact, peace corp. 's peace good room has teamed up with multiple developers launched last year many "the raise selling" products. Last month, at the request of the chairman ma ping an group, the company launched a raised platform, with peace and good room, etc., a subsidiary of parallel Liu Jin. The platform for sea pratt &whitney raise before trading (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "sea before the raise"), is the equity of ping an group spend 100 million yuan to build the raised platform, the first head for the vice President of alibaba before January.

Peace good room find real estate project, will be on the sea before the raised platform for fundraising.

Learned that the development of the solution is: raise in country garden project development and the raise of people must be interested in the project, namely the buyers of the future. Projects to raise the fund for the unit of every square metre, and packing into insurance, creditor's rights, and other forms of financial products, investors to avoid direct contact with the developers. Investors can fill in the proposal for the project, involved in the project design, the community, such as process, to a certain extent to achieve product "customization".

The first project: country garden Shanghai jiading project

Peace good room CEO ZhuangNuo said in an interview: "I have real estate is a the feelings of the people, raise the good room is doing a very important thing, is the raise building."

According to ZhuangNuo, raise building process is roughly, the developers have to find they talk about the cooperation, after they choose the like-minded, according to different demands of different partners, designed in accordance with their respective demand of financial products, into the sea before the raised platform to raise, financing to start construction after the completion of the project.

From various test confirmation, first the raise development project is the Shanghai jiading project country garden.

Morning of April 29, country garden with 608 million yuan to crawl town, jiading district, Shanghai 02-05 plot, is its true sense in first-tier cities first landing project. Meanwhile, country garden also announced, "the north is guangzhou country garden in 2015 into a strategic direction of the second line".

First the peace raise landing country garden is origin of the development project. In April, ping an group spent hk $6.295 billion has a 9.9% stake, has become the country's second largest shareholder. Country garden at the time said: "this is the management based on the two companies a common strategic vision, the future will be in different areas to cooperate."

However, the ambitions of peace than on a developer. In addition to country garden, the negotiations go well and vanke enterprise. "And vanke is talk about the project is located in Beijing." ZhuangNuo said. In addition, peace has launched "Chinese real estate and the raise alliance".

Understands from vanke internal situation is: "ZhuangNuo executives met with vanke a, two days before the preparation room have reached a cooperation, plans to open at the end of the month."

Otherwise, ZhuangNuo recently with poly real estate chairman Song Guangju are surrounding the preparation room were deep in conversation. , ZhuangNuo admitted: "I put forward the relevant ideas from last August, there is constant developers find I talk about cooperation. Real estate has from the golden age of the transition to the silver age, for the big developers, the raise to the locking customers in advance, speed up to speed, reduce the actual liabilities ratio, conform to the 4.0 (product customization) are popular in the industry."

Raise country garden jiading, according to people familiar with the matter involved in the project, can be involved in the design process of the project, the product family and the community will be listening to the advice of investors, the project is quite so custom for the investors.

Financing is an unit with square metre, investors need to buyers

"Foreign" set "shall be the unit for most of the preparation room, we will be 'per square meter for the unit to raise." ZhuangNuo, according to ping an good room formed a special team, took four months to work out this model.

ZhuangNuo said to set for the unit, everyone needs investment quotas may be more than millions, but if in every square metre, can greatly reduce raise quotas.

"In the past, people may think to buy a house is not easy, now through our pattern, ordinary people can also become a developer." ZhuangNuo the lowest limit is set to raise 100000 yuan, only need to invest 100000 yuan, is the developer of the project.

To avoid "collect money to build" policy risks, safe design for the development of the raise, investors will not direct contact with the developers. "Is an unit with square metre, wrap the project as a insurance, bond or balance treasure such financial products, the behavior of the preparation room into buying financial products." ZhuangNuo said.

Investors to invest in a house number of square meters, and subsequent purchase of the house of a complete set of buyers, the contradiction between the how to solve?

Close to the country, according to people involved in the raising of people need to be interested in country garden jiading project. In other words, investors need to be in the future, the development of the raise with definite marketing orientation.

ZhuangNuo on May 20 peace good room with deep industry group signed a strategic cooperation agreement of the scene, said peace didn't get open to booking a room for developers to decrease the card cannot be won and credit problems.

"Didn't get a certificate, such as deep industry can make a good treasure, deep industry put money in the monetary fund, and 14% of revenues until the opening, to the purchase." ZhuangNuo, for example, "this (practice) has very strong viscosity, in the rich, it is absolutely accurate data, a guest in advance."

ZhuangNuo said: "before we have a building dish out another (good treasure), now we are another step forward."

A vanke executives said in an interview: "the preparation room is a little meaning of the concept of sameness, another way is to booking in advance. This model will not become mainstream, only don't need competition project developers will choose such a play."

It is understood that all real estate projects to raise just before the sea raise one business. Before the main functions of the sea the raise equity or do the raise.

Close to ping an's analysis, social cuts in tencent and alibaba do Internet financial peace found the close relationship between money and real estate development and sales, is more so in housing aspects.

Developers from cooperation with ping an effect to consider, but peace is through the housing to build up their complete business chain. "We created a new financial closed-loop. As long as there are financial aspects, can peace good room based on the thinking of the Internet into them." ZhuangNuo said. To participate in the raise or purchase in addition to the above said, a good room enjoying the preferential buy peace and deposit interest-free loan business, involved in building purchase process.

At the end of 2013, in the real estate market for nearly 20 years of ZhuangNuo is preparing to go to Europe travel and writing a book, after a talk with ping an group chairman Mr Ma's, he was the Internet thinking and innovative thinking of horse charm impressed, abandoned plans to visit Europe at peace good room, build the new mode of "real estate + + Internet financial". On May 15, 2014, ping an good book is launched, more subversive pattern shouted out "zero commission" and "disintermediated" slogan, which makes real estate an uproar. Over the past six months, peace good room products gradually fall to the ground, ZhuangNuo led the good house also to a subversive image from the outside world.

As the CEO (chief executive) of peace good room, ZhuangNuo unusually busy at the moment, but his goal is very clear. In the real estate of the silver age, with the thinking of the Internet on traditional financial can't do don't want to do, everything that has to do with the house. Do an innovator, but not a spoiler.

Every story related to the house

"Now the whole China's economy has entered the new normal, real estate, the golden decade has passed, the future is the silver decade", through the ups and downs of the real estate industry, ZhuangNuo clearly know the current time has changed, the firm he must, in a way of thinking, in the confidence of a play.

On December 17, Shanghai wind sharp, safe and good room, chief executive of Alfred chuang's office, sun on the conference table. Dubbed the spoiler of the people of Hong Kong, look a little tired, but speak peace good room for half a year to the innovation of the experiment, he still.

Graduated from Peking University, made media reporters, soufun a founding member of planning in Shanghai the first model contest, organized the first overseas Tours, keen to collect and tourism, two novels published is also the real estate industry and enmity. Through its struggle with "Shanghai traveler," the author's emotion and wealth Wei Dongming, "senior man" in return uncut jade to real estate bosses, liu ZhuangNuo in others eyes is a man of the story.

Compared after 40 from property speculation the power of The Times, at the moment he prefers the precipitation of the experience and the new thinking to do different things, it still has to do with the house.

On December 23, peace and good room of the raised platform is launched, this is the "good room treasure" and "mortgage", peace and good room to launch another Internet thinking of real estate products. Conference ZhuangNuo changed a new hair style, enthusiasm to promote his good room planning.

In his planning, real estate and the raise will lead property to enter custom s, since to the land, the room of the house, configuration, decorate a style to it by the raise of people are beginning to participate in the discussion and gradually fall to the ground, because from the beginning has locked the buyers and the money that buy a house, eliminating the middle complex financing costs and marketing costs, at least can give buyers benefit 20%.

In the past month, ping an good room just vanke made 216 apartments and all raise project, but he said this is called "the raise property speculation," at best is not the true sense of the raise. And for some websites with a suite or a few suite to hype the raise, he is also very bad feeling, because it is still in play the game of speculative capital, replication is not strong, the raise truly should be with for the purpose of living.

His ideas have won vanke, shimao, wantong real estate bosses response, but he doesn't want to risk to the first project, be careful to conceive, blockbuster. And joint, trust, peace with well-known developers to realize the real estate brothers preparation room the first single is the best choice.

"The first project to do young people like small family property, you can customize your own private space, and have a coffee bar, laundry room, yoga, fitness, such as the Shared public space, curtilage can house, have a place to make it." Veteran ZhuangNuo is a very good dream maker, in his description of the construction site of the preparation room around mount remote video, the person that raise may at any time on your own APP looked at his investment real estate grew up, and finally have their own custom space, this kind of engagement is exciting, because virtually yourself also became a "real estate developers.

And peace good room originally launched two products are constantly updated iteration. For investors to buy stage ready room treasure to the initial phase of the "mortgage" has achieved good results.

"' good room treasure now has more than 30000 users, from August to now have 20% of the users to buy a house, to enjoy the whole interest subsidies. With another increase direct lock buildings have a customised version of the good treasure. Treasure such as gold base at home city" good room no. 1 ', can enjoy 35% annualized interest income, the interest income is the developers are willing to stick, has created a signed 650 set of customer performance on Sunday. 'good housing project, in mid-december statistics show that more than one billion five hundred million the number of lines, most application amount between 10-150000, controllable risk." For each product, ZhuangNuo companions.

People really need houses but lack of money can afford a house, need financial support to leveling in your room, this is the most core ZhuangNuo business plan in starting point.

"From a buyers for a house, deal with the mortgage, making a room, decorate, replacement housing and rent in a series of financial products to offer, even the housing transfer deed tax fee can be a product." ZhuangNuo hope to every part of the building trades can penetrate the financial products of peace good room.

If you don't buy a house, rent due to irrational consumption can't pay the rent to the leveling ok room give you a grace period for a month's rent. Further upgrade to the annual rent entrusted to peace good room, monthly payment, send you a month's rent each year. Be unwilling or unable to intervene more similar to traditional bank around the house property intermediary financial products can be in peace good room floor.

To provide maximum convenience, for home buyers in the next two years, ping an good room in Shanghai guangzhou, near the main real estate trading center of the opening of a good room financial services centre, with the government's real estate trading center directly.

"), it is nobody I want to be, no one do with the Internet coming into mind bit by bit. If you need money, will have the opportunity to help you, and these funds, mainly from the Internet financial subsidies, such as with the help of a financial product, peer-to-peer (P2P), a variety of tools such as monetary fund, make the wool in pigs."

The peace of the good room in addition to providing real estate related financial products, has been involved in housekeeping and laundry services, second-hand housing and rental channel will be launched in years.

Internet audio thinking be born

As a fusion of the financial savvy, the innovation of the Internet companies and real estate genes of new company, peace and the development of good room attracts much attention, and the power of "Internet + + real estate financial" how much, is an open question.

Coincidentally the soufun before ZhuangNuo worked chairman TianQuan also put forward in the next three years to build the Internet platform, three platforms of trading platform and financial goals.

Between the left and hold, innovation is the eternal theme. ZhuangNuo admitted that this summer with mo TianQuan coffee also discuss Internet real estate development in the future. "Soufun as a real estate vertical portal opened up a new heaven and earth, only this model encountered bottleneck at the moment. We are all convinced that real estate Internet financial development train of thought is correct, you can do the market together."

Although formal operation more than half a year time, peace has revealed the subversive of good room effect, the "Internet + + real estate finance" train of thought in advance quickly and attracted, soufun, ping an trust to the guest, centaline property, han yu property, Jones lang lasalle senior personage, time "good", "mortgage", all real estate to raise imitators in the industry; Which with the capital, with the tenant, with subversive innovation effect also slowly won over the traditional real estate, and partners covering the vanke, green land, shimao, jindi, pioneering and centaline property, achievements, with the policy of industry leading enterprises. 4.0 era "industrial real estate new normal will be customization era, to inventory, light heavy operating assets, Internet financial was undoubtedly the shortcut." Many people focus on peace good future profit points, this let ZhuangNuo a bit worried. "Is the beginning of the Internet financial pursuit of quantity, as long as the market share, a lot of profit points without extra trouble came to. Like pay treasure, he hopes to have precipitation funds can invest, customers can go to custom and development about electrical business transaction fee, you can collect all the raise project management fees, can earn interest on the loan..." Now want to expand the scale, the cost down as far as possible, such as mass, slowly earn money in the future. "Ping an group chairman, Mr Ma to the Internet, encourage innovation, not afraid of trial and error attitude gave him the space of free play. ZhuangNuo said that the current peace good room is the most care about is how to make the product quickly preempted market after landing, prevent trade imitation plagiarism. Even this is inevitable in the era of the open Internet, he can do is racing against time, beyond the competitors.

We have a new idea is to discuss the project, if possible began to product design, technology development, risk control, audit, modular management, such as synchronous operation, after completion will directly into the cooperation project building experiment, the flow through the later, if it's possible quickly copy the preemption market. "as the company's CEO, ZhuangNuo said of his positioning is not only a manager, more like a product manager and creative director. Every moment, peace and the development of good room details filter in the mind again and again, now has a large frame, but not enough careful, he is going to continue to improve.

To beat rivals, is a good room in time. Peace good room department staff told reporters that they are the rhythm of the nine to nine, weekend work overtime is the norm. Due to internal discussion took place after six o 'clock in the afternoon, ZhuangNuo employees called to be "open" in the nightclub.

"A product of traditional Banks, financial institutions to design for half a year, after the design and then reported to the circ, the China banking regulatory commission, and a few months, then the product use five or six years can't change. Do the Internet, an idea may be three months out of date, to constantly iterative update, it is important that as the Internet." On the concept of innovation, ZhuangNuo very admire ma Change (Change) courage: "QQ do so well, launch WeChat still dare to challenge themselves, dare to leather for their own lives, this is the charm of the Internet and courage".

Speak QiMing years of planning, ZhuangNuo said "good", "mortgage" has already set, then start team will consider product iteration and streamline processes, to do more than ten billion scale next year.

For the industry in question before "disintermediated", he said there are misunderstandings, what he calls the "mediation" is a good room platform is not safe to do the traditional intermediary business of selling, and intermediary for the commission. Because he wanted to do was related to the house financial services, the future does not rule out some financial products business and even go to intermediary agent, also welcomed the mediation to introduce business to financial demand peace good room, they are not antagonistic, but complement each other, peace and good room to make it open, and win-win real estate Internet financial platform.

How to make a subversive, ZhuangNuo repeat most is to use "the wool in pigs" of thinking to do the Internet real estate finance, traditional Banks are reluctant to do him to do, can't do, on the premise of compliance he also to do, don't do spoiler, only do the latest model, supplement of traditional business.

Question and answer

: what do you think China's economy in 2014?

ZhuangNuo: China's economy into the new normal, real estate, too, in the past as long as the house built not sorrow sales during the golden age of the past. Real estate market is affected by multiple policy, will return to residential properties, open era of custom.

: for in such an economic transformation period, what do you do in enterprise transformation on thinking?

ZhuangNuo: from estate planning time to return to residential property, safe and good room to do is to meet the related to the house, but the traditional financial institutions can't do don't want to do business, whether you buy or rent or custom house, peace and good room can provide the most comprehensive financial services. Internet + + real estate finance, plus ca change, make the wool in pigs, innovating constantly improve.

: how do you understand at this time the meaning of innovation for an enterprise? Your company what is the biggest challenge on innovation?

ZhuangNuo: innovation is the vitality of enterprises, there is no innovation of enterprise is hard to imagine how long it can live, Internet companies, in particular, an idea may be three months out of date, to continue the iteration, update, it is important that as the Internet.

The biggest problem is time, worry about not fast enough, was preempted the market trade with the same idea.

: according to your judgment, your industry is changing and what will happen? This change has brought you what kind of opportunities?

ZhuangNuo: traditional media of the real estate enterprises, real estate, must carry on the transformation, the previous model, no have to meet the needs of customers the most real important, to have a real living demand up but people don't have the money to buy house, using the Internet to meet the needs of the reality of thinking, focus on fragmentation, microfinance demand, this transformation is the opportunity of peace good room.

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