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All the way around Hong Kong's "opportunity"
source : author : time:2015年6月27日

In the face of the global trade growth is weak and the double challenges of downward pressure on the domestic economy, the Chinese government is vigorously carry out a series of measures, in order to realize the sustainable development of economy. "Area" strategy is through the development and the national and regional economic cooperation to jointly cope with challenges, and to accelerate the process of the internationalization of RMB. In this context, the author believed that Hong Kong can use their own advantages, to support the implementation of the strategy planning play an important role, at the same time, also can benefit from the opportunities created by fully. For Hong Kong, this is the development of a nots allow to miss this opportunity.

As the world recognized the important to mainland trade, services, and financial portal, Hong Kong can active play to the role of the international financial center, for the construction of "area" provide a broad range of professional services and financing plan, assist the output capacity of enterprises, technology, capital and labor, such as production factors, at the same time, guide the economy along the enterprises to strengthen cooperation with Chinese companies, and further into the mainland broad market, especially with growth potential in the central and western regions.

Specifically, first of all, by the strategy of "area" and the set up and drive the development of the investment Banks will promote the further integration of all participants in the economy, and form a new regional trade and investment. Because China will lead an important part of infrastructure financing, we expect that the yuan will become one of the main composition of funding currency. The move will further expand the use of the yuan in global, accelerating the internationalisation of the renminbi and the process of capital account convertibility.

Based on this, Hong Kong can give full play to the advantages of its own in financial services, and become the main financing of all the way "area" hubs, to provide customers with a variety of financing options, including offshore RMB financing. Hong Kong is the world's largest offshore RMB centre, with the largest outside the mainland yuan liquidity pools. By the end of 2014, its total RMB funds pool (including deposit certificate) more than 1.1 trillion yuan. At the same time, Hong Kong dim sum debt issued 381 billion yuan, the annual issuance of 197 billion yuan, a total of more than 100 issuers has become the world's largest dim sum bond market.

In addition, "Shanghai tong" has become the new channels for cross-border yuan use and circulation, and the connection of shenzhen and Hong Kong stock market via "deep port" also is expected to launch in the second half of the year, these will further strengthen Hong Kong as the center of the offshore RMB financing global leading position. Last year, Hong Kong Banks handle renminbi trade settlement amount to 6.3 trillion yuan, increased sixty percent year-on-year. The author expected, in the "area" strategy, the number is expected to grow further.

Second, with the "area", founded the silk road China has promised to spend $40 billion m fund, by investing in infrastructure and energy development, industrial cooperation and financial cooperation, to achieve interconnectivity along the countries and regions. Markets expect, however, the only domestic "area" new investment this year will be about $64 billion. To meet the huge funding needs, the Asian infrastructure investment bank arises at the historic moment, "area" strategy to assist in the implementation. At present, the investment bank has gained 57 intention founding member of the support, the investment bank will create a huge pools of capital, which is new in Asia infrastructure financing way.

As cross-border trade and investment and economic activity gradually unfolds, "One Belt And One Road" strategy in promoting RMB at the same time, demand will also pull the infrastructure investment and corresponding funding requirements. Hong Kong is already the leading hub for offshore RMB business, can provide the mainland enterprises and international investors with yuan and most diversified services. The author believed that Hong Kong can get all the way "area" inspired the development of an opportunity to become the investment Banks and fund of the silk road of the establishment of service center of finance and Treasury, and assist in the efficient management of the corresponding money.

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