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To do platform, first make the connection
source : author : time:2015年6月27日

Digital revolution blustery, one of the focuses of the Internet thinking is "make the connection" and "platform", the platform side connects the enterprise product supply, while connected to user requirements.

The Internet technology to reduce the operation cost of enterprise, and ultimately converted to promote the efficiency of production. So, connection to integrate resources, and quickly to meet user needs. Huawei released the "global connection index", keen insight into the value of the connection, that connection has become a factor of production. Enterprise to digital transformation is a process of disruptive, especially the implementation platform connected to the need to consider the connection way, the size of the market, and across the boundaries of key problem.

First, the mode of connection has the branch of unilateral and bilateral, in short, is to do Tmall weibo or jingdong. Typical WeChat are frequently used as a single market, single electric business platform including the once jingdong and amazon (microblogging), their innovation in the marketing and channel cost saving. Now, jingdong and amazon gradually introduced the third party sellers, these platforms become more Tmall, e-commerce platform business model is becoming convergence, market competition homogeneity makes the platform advantages and profit space is weakened.

This option for efficiency has a great influence. In general, the order platform is run by merchants and face to face with the user, is typical of the single market, such as McDonald's [microblogging] and KFC/weibo platform for the order. Hungry yao, baidu delivery order platform is bilateral, they build platform catering, logistics, Courier after receiving the order to go to the restaurant to take dinner, then sent to customers. Bilateral market brings the growth of the size of the market at the same time, also may lead to the loss of efficiency. So, when the implementation of Internet innovation, the choice of the form of platform construction is the key, unilateral or bilateral, affect the market competition degree and management efficiency.

Second, the size of this connection? Many enterprises believe that as long as master the principle of bilateral market, thus building a trading platform. Many Internet companies to explore in the field of O2O accordingly, but the effect not beautiful, can be said that baidu has ah example, tencent electricity nor can carry traffic to the emperor. Other start-ups, such as hotel information system outsourcing services pictet, although fits the characteristics of bilateral platform, and thus won a strong venture capital injection, but eventually because of the lack of market connection, business performance is difficult to rapidly rising.

The implementation of the strategy of bilateral platform, as the author of from 0 to 1, teal, need to quickly implement the growth of the scale, to monopolize the market. Drops a taxi and quick side connected with taxi cab drivers, on the other side connected to the demand of taxi passenger. The two companies at the beginning of the growth in red envelopes full of cash way to attract users the increase of the scale, the late is simply by merging, completed the expansion of the scale. In addition, the "Chinese good voice" and "Chinese song" two platforms, finally must be a "good songs" more than the potential size of the "voice", because after the accumulation of history, beautiful songs a lot, but relatively few have good voice of the original singer. From the perspective of the nature of business, shake handshandle net weibo, love, daily rent, sago net, and other areas of the business enterprise to enter the market is not enough to prop up the scale of corporate profits. Platform for innovation, therefore, if you don't take account of market potential capacity, destined to just a flash in the pan.

Third, enterprises need to make sure that cross the boundaries of innovation, namely what "Internet +" to connect. The government report proposed "Internet +", in the early related Internet companies to discuss focus on the basis of "the" Internet to transform traditional industries, there has been a further in-depth and development. Internet companies and related industries together could produce a great deal of commercial value, as to the IOE (iot) trend of deepening, the traditional enterprise Internet reformation, the emergence of the Internet financial innovation forms such as for the "Internet +" provides additional innovative ways. Millet into smart home market, perfect the construction of large data, ali baidu to do Chinese human brain, "Internet +" has appeared new forms and new atmosphere, manufacturing, finance, health care, education, tourism, real estate and other objects can be innovation. Predictably, "Internet +" infinite possibility, and will promote China's economic growth in manufacturing from the traditional to the modern manufacturing industry transformation, inject new vitality to China's economy.

The boundary of the platform strategy could expand rapidly, largely because the cloud + + network end "exchange, the improvement of the infrastructure and improve the efficiency of cross-border innovation. With the decrease of transaction costs, the Internet enterprise's organizational boundaries also growing naturally, BAT giant glitzy big Internet layout fully proves this point. Haier consumer demand, the traditional manufacturing enterprises put forward "everyone is a guest, detonate guide", through internal organizational change, break through the original industry chains, more and more close to the personalized needs of users.

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