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To leverage the 626 stock market stampede
source : author : time:2015年6月29日

Downs of the stock market is not a simple "musical" game, such as securities under the support of financial leverage, the rising stock market than the wave surged in 2006-2007 are even more vulnerable. Because of financial leverage in the market rises can magnify gains, but will cause the decline of the market investors have been forced to unwind and escape from the stock market "" stamp.

April is proposed the debt problems behind the stock market, and its possible consequences. Every once in a while is China's stock market will have large fluctuations, it actually reflects the stock market inherent structural problems. To solve the structural problem, it is necessary to reverse the current popular view, reduce the cost of borrowing, will be new issues to the registration system, using supply adjustment way for stocks with a safety valve. Only in this way can we fundamentally solve the current problems, to create a market for investors benefit.

Recently, the stock market has become the economic, the focus of attention, so I want to talk about a rising stock market and the debt crisis problem, it seems a little to the stock market over the taste of cool water, but the author thinks that this is for investors "the dead place of birth, survival way", so "must".

In recent months, China's stock market rally, as of April 24, 2015, the Shanghai composite index closed at 4394 points, this year on January 5, the figure is only 3351. In fact, no figures to speak, nearly all in securities market savvy people know that the recent stock market rise very fierce, this let countless holding large overnight became a must, and even billionaires, the ordinary people, too, were pleased to participate in, or at least make a money to buy food. This leads to a situation that people started to borrow money to fry, some borrowed from the brokerage, qualified with issuing financial products, to recruit a limited partner to the partnership private equity financing, some borrowed from relatives and friends, some of the more radical, looking for underground Banks to lend.

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